Typically, gyms in India do not encourage barbell training – especially free squats and deadlifts, more so for the snatch. First of all, trainers are ill trained to even understand strength training when they are conditioned to use cable training machines for hypertrophy. Which is why you see all of the men near the dumbell rack trying to do bicep curls.

This page is an attempt to document those gyms in India that do try and support strength training and do have the bare minimum of equipment (squat or power rack instead of a smith machine). This is hoping that core strength training programs like Starting Strength and Stronglifts get more popular in India.

Please feel free to drop comments talking about gyms where you have had this experience and I’ll put them up.

  • Delhi
    • **Kore Gym, Green Park – a basement gym with great equipment. Not too big. Has a smith machine which converts into a squat rack. Trainers understand free squats and deadlifts (especially one of the owners – Kunal, who is quite knowledgeable about advanced strength training programs).
    • Fitness First, Select city walk – the trainers tolerate deadlifts, but does not have any equipment for squats.
    • Fitness Hub, E-block, Saket – the facebook page shows that they do have a fully functional power rack. Sparse equipment.


    • Bangalore
      • Fitness First – the trainers tolerate deadlifts, but does not have any equipment for squats.
    • Mumbai
      • K1 Fitness Academy & Gym – very very hardcore. Understands and advocates powerlifting and strength training.
    • Uncategorised city
      • Talwalkars – very unlikely. read about a gym experience here.</ul>